India Fashion Week Global Ltd / TNAWS Ltd  T/A The National Asian Wedding Show

Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions 

In these Rules and Regulations, The “Organiser” means India Fashion Week Global Ltd and TNAWS Ltd. The “Exhibition” means “The National Asian Wedding Show”. 

“Exhibitor” means all employees, servants and agents of any company, partnership, firm or individual to whom space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting. 

The “Contract” means the agreement for the allotment of space at the Exhibition made between the Exhibitor and the Organisers. 

The “Rental” means the License fee shown as the total cost payable by the Exhibitor in the Contract. 

The term “Product” shall be taken to mean any exhibit. The 24 hour clock is used throughout these Rules and Regulations. 

2 Regulations 

The Exhibitor must comply with the requirements of all local, county, and other public authorities and where applicable with the regulations issued by the host venue in force at the time of the Exhibition. Exemptions from any of the Rules and Regulations laid out below may be granted at the Organisers discretion. No exemption given by the Organisers will be effective unless it is in writing. 

3 Stand Allotment 

(a) No stand will be held as let until the Exhibitor has provided in written format an agreement to take part in the exhibition and a 50% deposit has been paid. (b) The deposit payment constitutes a license to exhibit and not a tenancy. The Organisers reserve the right at any time to make such alterations in the floor plan of the Exhibition as may in their opinion be necessary in the best interests of the Exhibition as a whole and to alter the shape, size or position of the space allotted to the Exhibitor. If, as a result, the space allotted to the Exhibitor shall be reduced, a proportionate allowance will be made to the Exhibitor by adjustment of rental. No alteration to the space allotted will be made in such a way as to impose on the Exhibitor any greater liability for rental than that undertaken in the agreement. 

(c) Where an Exhibitor is the selling agent in the United Kingdom for another company or companies and intends to show their products, he must state on the Contract their name(s) and undertake to confine exhibits to the goods of these firms and of his own manufacture.
(d) Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet the stand allotted to them or to permit the stand to be utilised by any other person or company without the Organisers prior consent in writing. 

(e) Without the written consent of the Organisers, no name(s) other than that of the company, its trade name(s), the companies it represents in (c) or has borrowed equipment from (under 19c) may be displayed on the stand, nor may any literature or handbills in respect of any goods other than those of the Exhibitor be displayed or distributed. (f) Allotment of space by the Organisers shall not imply that they accept the proposed exhibits, and the Exhibitor must satisfy himself that his exhibits comply with the Rules and Regulations. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude and/or require to be removed any exhibit which in their opinion is not germane to the Exhibition. The decision of the Organisers as to the eligibility of the exhibits will be absolutely final and binding. 

(g) Exhibitors wishing to borrow products from other companies to enhance or complete their displays must use the products of other exhibitors wherever possible. 

4 Payment 

(a) The rental charges payable under the contract shall by paid by the Exhibitor as follows: 

i. 50% of the total hire charge at the time of booking the stand and or catwalk slot 

ii. 50% on or before 7 days prior to the exhibition date. (b) In no circumstances will an Exhibitor be permitted to erect or occupy his stand or site if the rental has not been paid in full. Should an Exhibitor be prevented from occupying his site for this reason, all rental paid shall be forfeited and the balance of the whole of the rental due under the contract shall be recoverable forthwith by the Organisers as agreed liquidated damages. The Organisers shall be entitled to utilize the site allotted to such an Exhibitor in such manner as the Organisers think fit, and to recover from the Exhibitor any expenditure involved in so doing.
(c) All exhibits are subject to a general lien and power of sale in favor of the Organisers for all sums whether for unpaid rental or otherwise due from an Exhibitor to the Organiser

Please note all deposit payments are non-refundable. 

5 Withdrawal by Exhibitor 

Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the Organisers in respect of any breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor, the Organisers may at their discretion allow the Exhibitor to withdraw from the Exhibition subject to the following conditions: 

i. the Exhibitor must give written notice to the Organisers that he or she desires to withdraw and if the Organisers allow such withdrawal, they will notify the Exhibitor of their decision in writing. Any deposit paid will be non-refundable as the stand space or catwalk slot has been not available for sale to any other potential exhibitors; 

ii. any such notification by the Organisers to the Exhibitor will constitute a cancellation of the contract subject to the payment by the Exhibitor to the Organisers of a consideration for release from the Contract; 

7 Cancellation of the Exhibition 

If the Exhibition is abandoned, cancelled or suspended in whole or in part by reason of war, fire, national emergency, labour dispute, strike, lockout, civil disturbance, inevitable accident, the non-availability of the Exhibition premises, or any other cause not within the control of the Organisers, whether ejusdem generis or not, the Organisers may at their entire discretion repay the rental paid by the Exhibitor, or part thereof, but shall be under no obligation to repay the whole or part of such rental, and shall be under no liability to the Exhibitor in respect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses), costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by the Exhibitor, as the result of the happening of any such events. 

8 Failure of Services 

The Organisers will use their best endeavors to ensure the supply of the services of host venue and of those mentioned in the Exhibitors’ pack, but as the supply of such services is not within the control of the Organisers they shall not incur any liability to an Exhibitor for any loss or damage if any such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available nor shall the Exhibitor be entitled to any allowance in respect of rental due or paid under the Contract. 

9 Copyright and Patents 

The Organisers will not be liable for any damages the Exhibitor, his servants or agents may sustain in respect of the infringement of any of his copyright arising out of his participation in the Exhibition. 

10 Rights of Organisers and Hall Owners 

The Organisers and the Landlords of the Exhibition hall and those authorised by them respectively have the right to enter the Exhibition premises at any time to execute works, repairs and alterations and for other purposes. No compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor for damage, loss or inconvenience so caused. 

11 Amendments, Application and Interpretation of Rules and Regulations 

(a) The Organisers reserve to themselves the right to add to, alter or expunge any of these Rules and Regulations at any time. (b) In the event of any dispute as to the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations as a result of their translation into a foreign language, the English version shall be taken as authentic. 

(c) Each Exhibitor is bound in all respects by these Rules and Regulations. (d) Each Exhibitor must bring to the notice of all agents or contractors employed by him such of the provisions of these Rules and Regulations as may affect such agents or contractors, and any claim arising from the failure of the Exhibitor to give such notice shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor concerned. 

(e) Questions that may arise between the Organisers and Exhibitors in regard to the true interpretation or meaning of these rules and Regulations or the implementation thereof and all questions and disputes not provided for by these Rules and Regulations shall be settled or determined by the Organisers whose decision in relation thereto shall be final. 

(f) All verbal agreements, individual permits and special arrangements must be confirmed in writing. 

6 Breach of Contract 

If the Exhibitor fails to observe and perform any of these Rules and Regulations or the provisions of the Contract, or if the Exhibitor shall become bankrupt or shall make any arrangements with his creditors or, being a Company shall enter into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary (save for the purposes of reconstruction or amalgamation) then and in any such case the Organisers may exercise all or any of the following rights:- 

i. The Organisers may by notice in writing cancel the Contract and such termination shall be without prejudice to any claim in respect of any antecedent breach and 

ii. (a) The Exhibitor shall be entitled, subject to (b) below to a refund of any part of the rental already paid, but shall pay to the Organisers as liquidated damages the proportion of the rental classified in the second column below which appears beside the date of the first column upon which the Organisers gave notice in writing of the cancellation of the contract hereunder: 

iii. The Exhibitor shall be liable to reimburse the Organisers costs and expenses directly or indirectly arising therefrom, and 

iv. Any Exhibits or property of the Exhibitor within the Exhibition premises shall be removed by the Exhibitor at a time to be stated by the organisers, or if considered necessary by the Organisers, they shall be entitled to remove and dispatch the said Exhibits and property (at the risk and expense of the Exhibitor) to the address of the Exhibitor shown in the contract, and 

v. In the event of a failure by the Exhibitor to complete his stand or to exhibit, the Organisers shall be entitled to erect on the said stand a board or device carrying the name or title of the Exhibitor 

vi. These rights shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any further rights which the Organisers may have.