Coronavirus: How to Cancel and Postpone Your Wedding

For many couples, the Coronavirus outbreak means they have had to take the sad decision to cancel their wedding day. Amongst all the fragility and anxiety everyone is facing right now, it’s going to be an extra knock to couples who were planning to celebrate their wedding in the coming weeks. For all those couples who need to cancel their wedding day – we hope our advice below will help to make a tough time a little bit easier.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Your venue, your suppliers and your guests – make sure you communicate your message clearly. Venues and suppliers are doing all they can to help couples to rearrange their wedding dates so get in touch with them as soon as possible. With your guests, a social media post probably won’t reach everyone – and you may find all the sorry messages a little overwhelming. Consider an email or sending a note to all your wedding guests – like the Etsy card above – to tell them that the date you had originally chosen is no longer possible.

Check Your Insurance

If you didn’t get wedding insurance then you may lose some money on a few things, but talk to your venue and suppliers early and it’s more than likely they will be happy to rearrange at little to no extra cost. If you do have wedding insurance – which we would always advise – then call your insurers as soon as you can and have a list of questions ready.

It’s Postponed, Not Cancelled!

For your own happiness and wellbeing, call your wedding “postponed”, even if you don’t know when your new wedding date will be. Unless of course self-isolation with your other half means you do want to fully cancel the big day (Ok…we are hoping this isn’t true for any of you!). But in all seriousness, even just using the word postponed rather than cancelled is more positive language that should help you feel a little better.

Have a Cup of Tea and a Cry (if you need to)

It’s easy to feel guilty about having wedding worries with all that is going on, but in your life, the wedding was a massive milestone. Don’t feel guilty if you need to just have a little cry or two for yourself, it’s a stressful situation and a few tears are more than understandable. Talk to your other half or close family and friends if you need some extra support.

Plan Something For Your Missed Date

Whether it’s a video chat with your bridal party and a few glasses of champagne or a romantic evening just the two of you, think of a nice way to mark what would have been your wedding date and toast to the fact that the best is yet to come.

Remember Your Wedding WILL Happen

Remember your wedding day is just postponed, and all of your family and friends will be so excited to celebrate with you when they can. If anything good can come from this difficult situation, it’s just how much people have all pulled together. It may not be what you originally planned but you will get married and you will have the best day.If you are looking for more advice read our guide on how coronavirus can affect your wedding day.
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